My Bon Mott shopping bag having a initial drawing

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My Bon Mott shopping bag having a initial drawing

We occurred upon Bon Mot by opportunity. An answer to my tweet of a store that carried upside-down plant pots had identified the shop being a carrier, but it, I wrote down the name to investigate later as I had never heard of. Id dropped in love with your specific pots during the Michelle Kaufman Smart Residence on a trip that is recent Chicago and have now been looking for one from the time. On Tuesday, work dropped me personally during the Princess Cinemas. Searching down the street, here it absolutely was. (whenever fate and a great parking spot intertwine, you dont wreck havoc on it.) My timing ended up being perfect, the shop had exposed the before day.

Bon Mot literally means good term, it is additionally utilized to suggest an inspired remark or witticism. We dont think the owners the Jane Bond folks may have opted for a far better name. Loosely filled up with intriguing and design fused material, including my coveted cooking cooking cooking pot, my tiny purchase quickly grew (its xmas).

A number of my discovers.

Hand screen-printed cotton handkerchiefs sporting bikes that are vintage that I may re function to be used as napkins since they are therefore lovely. These are the development of Jon Johnson, aka Bearface, a designer that is local.

It absolutely was love at first with Serrotes notebooks that are developed in Lisbon with letterpress. Like this past year, I’d been something that is seeking and stunning for my mother-in-law (who’s a musician and Portuguese). They are perfect.

By the finish of 2004, we started our search in Lisbon, Portugal, for old printery homes. The theory would be to produce a notebook printed in letterpress, with moveable kind, like Gutenberg did. Numerous printeries that are traditional allready closed their doorways, but we discovered the one that assisted us. Deep inside old compartments and situations (many of them allready half eatened because of the woodworm), we discovered lead that is old kind ornaments, used years ago to print invoices and company cards. Serrote

Used to do don’t forget to get the thing I had initially may be found in for, my appropriately known as Sky Planter, that we will fill with basil and hang into the kitchen area. Boskke is a unique Zealand business having a evolved farming tag. The jury is going regarding exactly just exactly what my pet is going to do it a go with it pinata or landing pad but with such a fantastic concept Ive got to give. I happened to be additionally told that bigger sizes could be on your way.

I really like this store and certainly will soon be back. See them at 47 King St. N. in Uptown Waterloo under the Starlight.

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