Factsheet: Dating/Hookup Abuse and Campus sex attack among Japanese and Pacific Islander childhood

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Factsheet: Dating/Hookup Abuse and Campus sex attack among Japanese and Pacific Islander childhood

A collection of critical information and information on a relationship use and sexual strike affecting API kids and young people

Relating Solutions

Partnership Violence in Five L . A . Asian United States Networks: Intergenerational Hazard and Improving Facets

This research examines threat and defensive aspects in five Asian United states areas: Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, North Indian Hindu, and Pakistani Muslim. Elements add social practices, norms, perceptions and thinking, specifically around gender parts, intergenerational families dynamics, personal dating, and approaches to child-rearing. These studies required 23 semi-structured concentrate people (163 utter participants) to accumulate the viewpoints of youth/young adults, mom and dad, people leader, and providers in six different tongues within the five areas.

How and endemic answers tend to be Impacting Japanese and Pacific Islander Survivors of home-based brutality and intimate strike

This advisory clarifies the episode try impacting Asian and Pacific Islander (API) survivors of home-based assault and sex-related attack, and represent plans enacted to handle the pandemic as an example the CARES function, and API and immigrant survivors’ eligibility for your systems and providers offered in the procedures, and also the effects of making use of the business. The Advisory likewise discusses the end result of organized responses into problems and unique issues that API survivors deal with that programs must account fully for to guide survivor security while in the epidemic.

Specifics & statistics document: Domestic assault in Asian and Pacific Islander home, 2020

Information from circulated and unpublished scientific studies on occurrence of punishment, local brutality, kinds use, behavior towards residential violence, help searching for perceptions and activities, program usage, health insurance and mental health implications, contact with group violence in childhood, and domestic assault associated homicides.

Factsheet: Domestic brutality, Sexual physical violence, and people Trafficking in local Hawaiian forums, 2020

Studies, and home elevators local physical violence, and human being trafficking in local Hawaiian forums

Domestic and family members assault in Hmong Communities, 2019

Demographic facts, stats, and information on domestic brutality, erectile strike, as well as other sorts of use in Hmong networks

Evidence-Informed Techniques to Offer Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Physical Violence Survivors, 2018

To deal with the home-based assault aspect and fashions in API areas, advocates have actually developed applications according to a romantic comprehension of their communities as well as the requirements of API survivors. This webinar identifies the differing aspect and existing residential assault styles API immigrant and refugee survivors are actually experiencing. It’ll summarize the A-Z Advocacy Model’s stock of evidence-informed tactics as well foundational principles that point this unique model.

Truth piece: Pacific Islanders and Domestic & sex Violence, 2018

a compilation of data on home-based assault, erotic brutality, trafficking, and help-seeking.

Residential assault and sex harm inside Pacific Islander area, 2017

Erin Thomas, Asian/Pacific Islander home Violence reference plan (DVRP) An overview of the physical, old, ethno-linguistic, and educational variety of Pacific Islander communities; historic trauma; and GBV developments.

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